Novelty Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Industry first: Axtra 3D combines the advantages of SLA, DLP and LCD 3D printing with the new HPS-Technology

Lumia X1, based on HPS and TruLayer technologies, offers the fastest print speed on the market while delivering extremely high resolution for fine details and smooth surfaces without pixelation or aliasing surface artefacts. The best of both worlds (DLP & SLA) in a single industrial-grade printer.

Unrivaled Quality at Speed with the Lumia X1 from Axtra 3D - industry-leading print speed without compromise.

Axtra 3D's revolutionary Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) technology overcomes the limitations of
SLA, DLP and LCD and puts an end to the need for tradeoffs.

This unique technology combines the image generator of digital light processing with the laser of stereolithography in a coaxial system. Both light sources work synchronously to achieve unsurpassed surface quality, accuracy and a resolution of 45 microns across the entire build platform.

The patented TruLayer technology eliminates delays between layers through three sensors integrated on a glass plate under the printer's membrane. Print speed is doubled compared to competitive offerings and precision is maintained.

This innovation facilitates the rapid detachment of the active print layer from the membrane and eliminates limitations on the size and volume of printed cross-sections. Printing with high viscosity resins becomes effortless.

Another advantage of the Lumia X1 is its Intelli-Cartridge function. The cartridge actively manages the resin used in the printer by dispensing material into the container and collecting excess material. This system increases the amount of resin that can be used in printing to a total of eight liters, eliminating the need to manually refill resin and minimizing waste and mess. The Intelli-Cartridge is equipped with a feature that automatically mixes the resin to ensure an even amount of material in each layer while controlling the temperature of the material with infrared heaters. These capabilities make the Intelli-Cartridge a valuable tool, especially for larger print jobs and production runs.

The combination of hybrid photosynthesis, TruLayer technology and the Intelli-Cartridge opens up new possibilities for industrial 3D printing and offers a solution for the production of small to medium batch jobs that promises speed, surface quality and accuracy at the same time.