Novelty Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Launch Formlabs Refill - Up to 25% cost savings!

As an Additive Manufacturing Material Marketplace, iSQUARED AG offers a diverse selection of 3D printing materials from a single source. You can find new in our portfolio from 01.04.2024 (order start 14.05.2024) our Formlabs Refill Material in the colors Clear, White, Grey, Black.

No professional printing without the right material. iSQUARED is your partner when it comes to 3D printing materials. As an additive manufacturing material marketplace, we provide a wide range of materials for various 3D printing technologies, including PolyJet, FDM, SLA and powders such as PA12 for the PBF process. We are pleased to announce that we have now also added Formlabs Refill Material in the colors black, white, grey and clear to our portfolio from 01.04.2024 (order start on 14.05.2024). The resin was developed by our in-house chemists as a cost-effective alternative product. Compatible with Formlabs Form 2, 3, 3+, 3B, 3B+, 3L printers and offering significant cost savings of up to 25%, the iSQUARED material is THE attractive alternative to the original Formlabs Resin.

A key factor that sets us apart from other suppliers is our unique approach to material development and production. We develop and produce our own refill materials to the highest quality standards in Switzerland and Germany. In this way, we offer our customers high-quality material alternatives to the more expensive original material and enable cost savings of up to 40% depending on the material. Through intensive testing of our partners, we not only ensure product quality, but also compatibility with 3D printers. We always make sure that no updates or complex modifications to your machine are necessary in order to use our products. Our material can be used and printed in your printer in the same way as the original material.

Currently in our portfolio:

  • Stratasys FDM and PolyJet material
  • SOMOS SLA material
  • Powder for PBF laser-based system (Nylon12 filled/ unfilled, Nylon 11 filled/unfilled, TPU, TPE)


New in our portfolio:

  • Formlabs SLA material


Contact us today at and secure one of the first cartridges of our Formlabs refill material for the order start on 14.05.2024!