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Post-Processing Devices: Curing / Washing

Efficient manufacturing with UV post-curing and cleaning systems. MiiCure is a UV post-exposure machine for printed parts, available in variants including a nitrogen system. Together with MiiWash, it provides a complete post-processing solution, enhancing production efficiency and quality.

MiiCure with or without nitrogen:

MiiCure is a polymerizer with compact dimensions, offering incredible performance thanks to its two wavelengths that irradiate resins from all six sides. Once you've selected the appropriate UV power and temperature, all that's left is to admire the result.

For more information: | miicure-curing-system


MiiWash is precisely the resin cleaning machine you've been waiting for. With its wash programs, removable basket, and the ability to attach the print platform to the lid without having to remove the object, it offers optimal functionality.

For more information: | miiwash-washing-system

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