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Upcycling in additive manufacturing - saving money and the environment with used Stratasys printers

An industrial 3D printer is a costly affair for many companies. Getting started with additive manufacturing or purchasing a second machine is therefore often not possible. With iSQUARED, however, you don't have to miss out on this valuable technology.

Instead of consigning 3D printers to a final fate in landfills, iSQUARED, as an official used machine partner of Stratasys, gives them a new life by refurbishing functional Stratasys machines and offering them at an attractive price. In this way, even smaller companies or those with smaller budgets can get started in additive manufacturing and at the same time contribute to reducing their ecological footprint. We are happy to provide you with professional advice on which device is best suited to the respective application and also offer installation of the device and instruction. And even after the purchase, we are happy to assist you as a service partner with our suitable maintenance contracts.


Your advantages when buying a used machine at a glance:

Cost savings:

The cost benefits of used 3D printers over new ones are significant. This makes them an attractive option for companies with smaller budgets to start using 3D printers or to purchase a second machine for other applications.


Every remanufactured device helps to protect the environment. By refurbishing the 3D printer, less e-waste is generated. Refurbished electrical appliances can also help to reduce the need to produce new electronic products, saving energy and resources.

High-quality reconditioning process:

Before we offer a used 3D printer for sale, it undergoes a fixed and comprehensive service program to ensure that the printer functions perfectly. First, the purchased 3D printers are sent to our service centers, where they are thoroughly checked by our service technicians. Defective spare and wear parts are then replaced, data is read out and a complete service is carried out. After maintenance, the 3D printer is subjected to a print test to ensure proper use for our customers. After the overhaul and successful print test, the 3D printer is added to our used machine portfolio and is ready for sale. For this purpose, the printer is completely cleaned and securely packaged.