ALTANA New Technologies GmbH - Cubic Ink®

ALTANA New Technologies GmbH - Cubic Ink®

Short description

We give shape to ideas- ALTANA Cubic Ink® High Performance Materials suitable for DLP, LCD, SLA and Material Jetting- Fulfilling customer wishes, thinking ahead, or even exceeding customer requirements: with this aspiration, ALTANA offers innovative 3D printing materials for additive manufacturing.

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Range of products

  • M Plastics
  • S Additive manufacturing services
  • S Mould-tech

About us

There have been enormous developments in the field of photopolymers in recent years. The demand for high-performance materials is high and the industry's requirements are constantly increasing.

With Cubic Ink® - a brand of ALTANA New Technologies GmbH - ALTANA is rising to the challenge and, in addition to standard materials for DLP, LCD and SLA applications, is also developing customised material solutions specifically for material jetting and special materials for a wide range of industries.


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