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With our industrial 3D-printers based on the innovative 5-axis FLIPoQ-process, we are able to process challenging plastic filaments and granules. We are also offering a light-weight pellet extruder including minigranules for improved efficiency for your exisiting 3D-printing system.

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Range of products

  • M Innovative materials
  • M Ceramic
  • M Plastics
  • M 3D printer manufacturers
  • M Machines for additive manufacturing
  • M Machines for rapid manufacturing
  • S Simulation, optimization
  • S Additive manufacturing services
  • S Rapid tooling
  • S Pre-series & small-series production
  • E Trainings, seminars

About us

We are invAirted3D, a spin-off from the EXIST research transfer “FLIPoQ” at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and offer turnkey solutions for plastic-based multiaxial 3D printing. 

5-axis 3D printers with patented FLIPoQ process

With our 5-axis process, we can process demanding materials such as PP and PC in addition to standard plastics. We can also realize more complex geometries and additionally reduce material and energy consumption. Thanks to the modular design, we can offer various build  sizes cost-effectively.

Lightweight pellet extruder

Our 3D printers can process both filament and pellets. In the granulate area, we offer a lightweight granulate extruder with which we can process special customer material (injection molding granulate) and also our own minigranulate.


We also offer the right minigranulate for every application. The advantage of minigranulate lies in their efficient processing with high throughput rates, even for small-volume components. In addition, special properties such as flame retardancy or medical-grade according to ISO 10993-1 can be offered.