Schaeffler Aerosint SA

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Schaeffler Aerosint is a Schaeffler Special Machinery company based in Belgium. In 2016, Schaeffler Aerosint developed the "Selective Powder Deposition" (Recoater) technology. This enables the precise application of various materials in additive manufacturing.

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Range of products

  • R Research facilities, institutes
  • M 3D printer manufacturers
  • M Machines for additive manufacturing
  • M Miscellaneous
  • S 3D data preparation
  • S Miscellaneous

About us

Since its foundation in 2016

Schaeffler Aerosint has developed the technology for "Selective Powder Deposition" (recoater) in particular. With this technology, several powders are selectively applied to form a single layer with at least two materials. This creates multi-material AM parts. Our multi-material recoater is an alternative to the single-material roller or blade recoaters traditionally used in powder bed processes.

Selective Powder Deposition

pushes the boundaries of traditional additive manufacturing methods and can be applied to multiple additive manufacturing processes such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF), Binder Jetting and Pressure Assisted Sintering.

In collaboration with Schaeffler Special Machinery

the development of state-of-the-art multi-material technologies and applications is being driven forward and use cases are being explored that were previously not possible with conventional (additive) manufacturing.