Product-Highlight Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

MiiCraft DLP 3D Printers

The MiiCraft 3D printers set new standards in precision and performance, ideal for product development, architecture, medicine, and education. They are open systems, compatible with a variety of materials, offering versatility for various applications.


The new DLP 3D desktop printer boasts a compact size, making it an optimal fit for dental clinics and offices. With a build volume reaching lengths of 130 / 150 mm and exceptionally high resolution for precise printing, it's designed for ease of operation with its build platform and resin tank. The three-sided open ID covers offer a larger workspace, making it an ideal 3D printer for dental and medical applications.

For more information: | miicraft-alpha


MiiCraft Prime+ delivers 4K resolution and upgrades in technology, available in various enclosure colors. This modern desktop printer from the Prime series boasts high resolution and is equipped with a 4M-pixel UV light source, enabling complex image enhancement and reducing stress on the peel mechanism.

For more information: | miicraft-prime


The MiiCraft Hyper series DLP 3D printer is highly stable and economical, designed for desktop use. Featuring comprehensive software, automatic model arrangement, easy-to-create supports, scenario-based print parameter settings, and an embedded touchscreen interface.

For more information: | miicraft-hyper


MiiCraft Profession offers a larger print platform compared to the aforementioned MiiCraft printers, capable of handling print volumes of up to 250 x 140 x 190 mm (with a pixel size of 65 µm).

For more information: | miicraft-advance-profession