Novelty Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

TEMPUS™ technology: Up to 100% increase in productivity.

This new technology is a new scanning algorithm enabling the laser to fire at the same time as the recoater is moving, saving up to nine seconds per layer.

What is TEMPUS™ technology?

TEMPUS technology is a new scanning algorithm for the RenAM 500 series of metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems, which delivers a substantial increase in AM productivity without compromising on part quality.

This technology allows the system lasers to fire whilst the powder recoater is moving, removing up to nine seconds of build time from every layer. With builds frequently containing thousands of layers, this can reduce total build times by tens of hours.

Benefits of TEMPUS technology

  • Reduce build times by up to 50%, with no impact on part quality.
  • By reducing the amount of machine time per part, users benefit from lower cost per part.
  • This time and cost saving maximises return on machine investment for existing users, plus making new applications viable for AM.