Service-Highlight Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Virtual AM-Training

Megatrend, digitization, and innovation. VR training is the future of learning and prepares tomorrow's skilled workers for the modern world of production.

Virtual Reality involves creating immersive, simulated environments that allow trainees to engage with complex systems and scenarios in a risk-free and highly interactive manner.


  • Basics of additive manufacturing (powder bed)
  • Key factor holistic process chain 
  • Powder and process qualification 
  • Design for AM
  • Work safety and plant preparation
  • Build process and monitoring
  • Post-process: Visual inspection, heat treatment, further machining, and much more
  • Future of additive manufacturing (powder bed)



  1. Enhanced Learning: VR training provides a more engaging and memorable learning experience compared to traditional methods.
  2. Risk Mitigation: In a virtual environment, trainees can make errors and learn from them without any real-world consequences.
  3. Up to date: The content of VR training modules can be easily updated to keep pace with industry advancements.
  4. Multi-content: Our VR training brings together and combines practice, theory and VR to guarantee participants the best possible learning experience.

Further information can be found here.