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The Fraunhofer IOF develops innovative solutions with light and can cover the entire photonic process chain - from the design and manufacture of components to the assembly of opto-mechanical or opto-electronic systems and holistic characterization.

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In the field of additive manufacturing, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF offers high-performance solutions for metal optics, optical housings and systems as well as individual solutions using state-of-the-art freeform technologies.
Additive manufacturing is used to optimize and adapt the base bodies for high-performance metal-optical applications. High weight reduction, tailored mechanical and thermal conditions and stable performance are realized while maintaining the high optical performance efficiency of the mirrors and housings. Freeform optics enable the production of complex optical systems that are significantly smaller, lighter and more functional.

In addition, we realize tailor-made solutions for our customers by developing individual processes and process chains in the field of 3D inkjet printing of optical systems. Additively manufactured micro- and macro-optics and optical systems open up new possibilities in development processes such as rapid prototyping or in the production of individualized small series. We use inkjet printing technology to develop highly integrated optical components and systems. 
Our range of services includes the selection of suitable materials and the development of inks, the development of specific substrate preparation processes, the development of printing processes for the various materials and inks, as well as the specific post-treatment of printed structures. In addition, a comprehensive optical, electrical and mechanical characterization of the printed structures is carried out at the customer's request.