Linde AMT GmbH

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Linde AMT is a global supplier of high-quality metal powders produced using Vacuum Induction Melting Argon Gas Atomization (VIM-AGA) technology. We operate multiple VIM-AGA atomization units and produce over 5 million pounds of powder annually.

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  • M Metal

About us

With its innovative concepts, Linde is playing a pioneering role in the global market. As a technology leader, it is our task to constantly raise the bar. Traditionally driven by entrepreneurship, we are working steadily on new high-quality products and innovative processes.

If you want to keep pace with tomorrow’s competition, you need a partner by your side for whom top quality, process optimization, and enhanced productivity are part of daily business. However, we define partnership not merely as being there for you but being with you. After all, joint activities form the core of commercial success.

Linde, ideas become solutions.