Schaeffler Special Machinery

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Schaeffler Special Machinery has been implementing customized, cross-industry manufacturing solutions for over 70 years, precisely tailored to the production requirements. Since 2024, an industrial 3D multi-material additive manufacturing system is also part of our portfolio.

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Range of products

  • D Measurement and documentation software
  • M 3D printer manufacturers
  • M Machines for additive manufacturing
  • M Miscellaneous
  • S 3D data preparation
  • S Simulation, optimization
  • S Additive manufacturing services

About us

Your partner for production excellence

Are you seeking a partner for the industrialization of your products or the realization of modern, intelligent manufacturing solutions?

Our team of specialists at Schaeffler Special Machinery accompanies our customers from the initial concept to stable series production. Whether it's flexible small-batch manufacturing or high-performance, curve-controlled systems, we have the suitable solution. Operating under the principle of "all under one roof," our specialists at Special Machinery have been developing tailored production solutions for over 70 years for customers across various industries.

We see ourselves as partners for sustainable and economical production conception as part of the entire value chain. We are already addressing the future of production.

Given this context, we are introducing our industrial system for additive manufacturing of multimaterials in 2024. Through multi-material 3D printing, we see new possibilities:

  • Unique material combinations and functional integration
  • Design flexibility for individual, freely shaped products
  • Rapid response to changing market demands and designs
  • Minimization of material waste, contributing to sustainability goals

Our specially developed system for 3D multi-material printing is a milestone in the application of additive manufacturing processes.

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