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Free FIT guides make fit for the world of AM

In a survey conducted by Vogel Communications, 560 companies were asked why they are not yet using additive manufacturing. For 42.2% of them, it was because they lacked the necessary know-how. The FIT-AM experts are therefore publishing a series of practice-oriented guides.

Nowadays, it can be taken for granted that everyone has some idea of 3D printing. But how deep does this knowledge go? And how up-to-date is this knowledge? In fact, a lack of concrete know-how is one reason why many companies still shy away from using additive manufacturing today - and wrongly so. After all, additive manufacturing has now established itself as an additional process in many industries and is an excellent driver of innovation. 

It was therefore a matter close to our hearts to compile everything worth knowing about additive manufacturing in a compact and comprehensible compendium: in our series of FIT Guides. 

Here you will find a collection of outstanding real applications across all industries, illustrating the variety of technical possibilities and their implementation. At the heart of the innovation guide is an overview of the technologies validated at FIT, both additive and conventional, broken down by material group and supplemented by the available post-processing methods and professional quality assurance of components. 

Having the technologies in-house is of course good, but you also need to be able to master them. That's why a description of our range of services rounds off the introduction to additive manufacturing, showing you defined paths to your goal so that you can produce prototypes, production aids, end components, spare parts or works of art faster, cheaper or better than before.

Our range of guides starts with the Innovation Guide, which clearly presents the most important processes. The material guide contains the most popular materials, including typical characteristic values, properties and machine data. An overview of our commitment to research and development is provided by the RnD Report, which illustrates current research activities and results. And last but not least, the series of our technology guides, which are specifically dedicated to a single technology and go into great detail. 

All information material can be downloaded free of charge and without obligation from our website. Click here to get to the download