Novelty Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) - the best of two worlds

What if a new 3D printer could combine the benefits of SLA, DLP and LCD printing and would open endless new possibilities in additive manufacturing?

We are the first service provider in Europe with the ability to produce 3D printed parts using the new Hybrid PhotoSynthesis technology from Axtra3D.

No more compromises on printing speed, resolution, surface quality or print area. Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) makes possible a wide variety of 3d printed parts with high resolution possible while maintaining high printing speeds and excellent surface quality, even for large printing areas.

Hybrid PhotoSynthesis combines two different light sources in a single system - this means HPS elegantly combines the advantages of both light sources (DLP & Laser), creating a system that can effectively utilize the manufacturing capabilities of both light sources. With HPS technology, the laser determines the achievable resolution.

HPS therefore offers higher resolution and better reproducibility for very fine features than standard DLP processes.

 HPS combines the best of two worlds:

  • high printing speed
  • large number of parts
  • a quality close to injection-molded parts
  • high-quality surface
  • very short production time

The system's openness to materials makes a variety of applications in the field of additive manufacturing possible.

Visit us at stand 2-516 and be inspired by the advantages of HPS technology!