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FIT AG Hall 2 / 2-410

MSLA for cost-effective series components made from photopolymer

MSLA (Masked Stereolithography Apparatus) is a young process from the family of resin-based 3D printing technologies, related to SLA, and is particularly suitable for smaller components with a high level of detail and very good surfaces. The central element of the MSLA process is an LCD display.

toolcraft AG Hall 2 / 2-415

Additive manufacturing at toolcraft

Structures that seemed previously impossible. Efficient temperature control of entire geometries in confined space. Just two examples of how additive manufacturing opens completely new dimensions of thinking and working.

FASTPART Kunststofftechnik GmbH Hall 2 / 2-516

Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) - the best of two worlds

What if a new 3D printer could combine the benefits of SLA, DLP and LCD printing and would open endless new possibilities in additive manufacturing?

Hermle Maschinenbau GmbH Hall 2 / 2-602

News from additive manufacturing!

Discover the revolutionary potential of our MPA technology in the additive manufacturing of multi-material components. Our innovative process makes it possible for a component to combine different materials, each of which fulfills a unique purpose.

HAI TEC - AM Innovation Hall 2 / 2-524
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Industrial 3D printing greenwall

Lattice structures, represent a fascinating application of additive manufacturing technology. They are characterized by their lightweight, resource-saving design

4D Concepts GmbH Hall 2 / 2-407
Specialist Knowledge

A prototype is developed at 4D Concepts GmbH

Prototype builder since 1995: from design to small series production We provide you with professional support throughout the entire project - from planning and design to prototyping or the production of a complete series. 4D Concepts - impossible is just an adjective!

Karl SPÄH GmbH & Co. KG Hall 2 / 2-403
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Process optimization with additive manufacturing

Every company must face the challenges of increasingly efficient and sustainable production. The possibilities of additive manufacturing can be used to solve the complex issues of process optimization.

PORTEC GmbH Hall 2 / 2-218d

Heat Sink for Power Electronics

Variety of heat sinks in small quantities and short production times, made by investment casting using different 3d-printed models from our own production facilities (4 days).

HAI TEC - AM Innovation Hall 2 / 2-524
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3D Lattice Structures & High-Performance Plastics

Material-saving additive-manufactured lattice structures made from high-performance plastics will offer a variety of new applications for more efficient processes in the future.

PORTEC GmbH Hall 2 / 2-218d

'Too much' for 3D printing - 'too little' for a tool: Vacuum Casting Plastic

Vacuum casting - an appropriate addition to 3D printing and injection molding for a quantity range of 100-1,000 pieces. Functionally suitable materials are processed (similar to injection molding granulates), which are also cast in the customer's RAL color - with manageable mold making cost.

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