Use Case / Showcase Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Process optimization with additive manufacturing

Every company must face the challenges of increasingly efficient and sustainable production. The possibilities of additive manufacturing can be used to solve the complex issues of process optimization.

It is often assumed that with additive manufacturing a price reduction can only be achieved through material savings, in reality the possibilities are much more extensive. Components can be structurally optimized and entire processes can be rethought; the optimization potential lies along the entire process chain. Shortened delivery times, increased availability, change flexibility, inventory reduction, sustainability and quality assurance, to name just a few of them.

Optimization examples:

  • Complexity in the component: 
    • Material savings 
    • Streamlined processes 
    • Reduced waste
  • Time to market:
    • Simplified supply chains, shortened delivery times 
    • Sustainable production, improved CO₂ balance 
    • Unlimited availability of components
  • Know-how transfer:
    • Shortening development times
    • Long-term valuable supplier/customer relationships
  • Spare parts management:
    • Inventory reduction
    • Storage space optimization
    • Improved liquidity
  • Inbound and outbound management:
    • No tool costs o Increasing flexibility
    • Inventory reduction
    • Reduced discontinuation costs
  • Product comes from the application:
    • Application-oriented product specification