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Additive Manufacturing - Enabler for fuel flexibility of powerplant and industrial gas turbines

SIEMENS ENERGY GMBH shows how the additively manufactured components are used to enable 0 - 100 % hydrogen combustion and the strategic aspects of using additive manufacturing for gas turbines.

Siemens Energy is working on the utilization of renewable fuels, such as green H 2 but also
bio fuels, in its gas turbines to reduce CO 2 emissions and to drive decarbonization. Until 203 0
the Siemens Energy gas turbine portfolio will be able to run at 100 % H 2 . This entails a major
re design of the combustion systems , not only burns H 2 at 300 °C higher temperatures than
methane but also ideally the full variability from 100 % natural gas to 100 % H 2 shall be
covered. T hose capabilities were demonstrated on an SGT 400 in HyflexPower a EU funded
development program.
The key enabler for the new combustion systems is AM via PBF LB/M. It enables the
creation of complex cooling features and fuel routing that would not previously have been
possible with conventional manufacturing techniques. These features are vital when it comes
to ensuring stable combustion of H 2 and i ts mixtures . Moreover, AM speeds up the
development cycles by more than 75 %which is key for the optimization of the respective
burner designs.

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Dr. Sebastian Piegert

Dr. Sebastian Piegert

Head of department