Innovations in AM forum Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Additive Manufacturing of Sustainable Electronic and Mechatronic Systems

Meaningful insights from NEOTECH AMT GMBH - The audience will receive an overview of the State-of-the-Art fully Additive Manufacturing of electronic and mechatronic systems.

This presentation will review the current status of the Additive Manufacture (AM) of sustainable electronic and mechatronic systems. The use of AM processes, offers significant sustainability advantages in the production of electronic and mechatronic systems by way of simplifying the materials mix, improved materials efficiency and heavily compressed process chains, localising manufacture.

The fundamental technology combining free-form, 5-axis 3D printing of mechanical and electronic components, Surface Mount Device (SMD) placement and pre- and post-processing techniques, is described. The State-of-the-Art of the manufacturing process chain is demonstrated by way of a proof-of-concept of a lighting product. The manufacturing the lamp from design concept through the manufacturing process from CAD/CAM operations to AM manufacturing and AI driven Quality Assurance is presented. Additional use cases for the medical, automotive and wearables industries will be briefly presented.

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Dr. Martin Hedges

Dr. Martin Hedges

Managing Director