Keynote Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

AM - Powerful tool for industrial chemical processes

In his Keynote on May 15, 2024, Dr. Jan Brummund will be focusing on the potential of AM for chemical process technology. After several years at the company DSM, the PhD process engineer is currently Business Development Manager at InnoSyn B.V.

The utilization of the 3D metal printing technology in the development of plug flow reactors and other process equipment like mixers and heat exchangers for the chemical industry has gained significant attention in recent years. This innovation offers numerous advantages such as enhanced design flexibility and rapid prototyping. Foremost, additive manufacturing enables high precision geometries, fully dedicated to each individual application. Hence, chemical process equipment with tailored properties, such as improved heat transfer, multiple feed points of substrates and reagents as well as precise positioning of instrumentation including online process analyzers, will emerge for next generation chemical processes with unprecedented performance.

Continuous ‘flow’ chemistry in small channels, as facilitated by the 3D printed plug flow reactors, presents distinct advantages over conventional batch processes, including precise control over reaction parameters, reduced reaction times and enhanced productivities. Moreover, it is readily scalable to affordable high production capacities. All with minimum holdup and improved process safety, enabling running exothermic reactions that require superior heat and mass transfer.

This lecture will explore applications, benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of 3D metal printed process equipment in the chemical industry, highlighting its potential to revolutionize conventional manufacturing practices. Furthermore, the certification process of AM constructed plug flow reactors will be addressed, enabling regulatory compliance and quality assurance in the industrial implementation of these new technologies.

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Dr. Jan Brummund

Dr. Jan Brummund

InnoSyn B.V. Business Development Manager