3D Printing Conference Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

FDM Re-Invented: The future of 3D printing: Stratasys F3300 - combining precision and efficiency

3D Printing Conference powered by STRATASYS: We are looking forward to Stefan Zoller's (Stratasys) presentation at the anniversary edition of Rapid.Tech 3D 2024.

Stratasys' latest innovation, the F3300, revolutionises 3D printing by merging the proven precision and repeatability of Stratasys FDM printers with the efficiency of a tool changer typically found in milling machines. This combination enables a doubling of throughput, opening up new dimensions for additive manufacturing technology in terms of labour and uptime. With its design and advanced features, it will change the way additive manufacturing is used in the most demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive, government/military and service bureaus.

Speakers (1)

Stefan Zoller

Stefan Zoller

Senior Application Engineer, EMEA