Keynote Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Production of inorganic sand cores at the BMW Group Plant Landshut

The keynote speech from BMW heralds the start of a busy third day of the congress. Jochen Wendling from the BMW Group Plant Landshut will report on the large-scale production of additively manufactured inorganic sand cores for casting cylinder heads.

The demands on combustion engines are constantly increasing due to stricter exhaust gas and pollutant standards in order to protect the climate, air quality and public health. These challenges must be met with new and innovative technologies.

As the world's first emission-free foundry, the light metal foundry at BMW Group Plant Landshut is making a decisive contribution to reducing emissions from gasoline engines with the production of inorganic, 3D-printed sand cores based on quartz sand. The geometry of the water jacket cores produced using the binder jetting process ensures optimum cooling of the cylinder head. The development of the process, in which an inorganic binder is selectively applied to quartz sand, began at the BMW Group plant in Landshut back in 2014 and cylinder head derivatives have been in series production since 2019.

The presentation will highlight the benefits, challenges and quality assurance measures of this innovative process. It will also provide an outlook on how 3D printing of sand cores can be used in the production of chassis parts in the future in order to tap into additional lightweight construction potential for battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Presentation language: GER
(English translation will be provided on site)

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Jochen Wendling

Jochen Wendling

Technologist Core Printing