Keynote Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

The use of AM @ ASML

New computer chips without lithography systems from Dutch tech giant ASML? Hardly possible! In the opening keynote, development engineer Radu Donose sheds light on ASML's journey into additive manufacturing: Paving the way for the next generation of lithography machines.

In our quest to continue Moore’s low into the next decade, new manufacturing technologies are being adopted for our lithographic machines. One of such technologies is Additive Manufacturing that opens the opportunity to produce parts that are directly contributing to the performance of our machines. More than 200 different machine parts are in volume production by additive manufacturing of metal, plastics and ceramics. The main focus of the lecture is to show the ways in which Additive Manufacturing is helping increase the performance of ASML machines with examples of actual parts used in production.  To safeguard the quality, ASML has released an internal standard for AM that empowers suppliers to put in place the quality measures required to produce reliable parts.

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Radu Donose

Radu Donose

Competence Lead Additive Manufacturing