SAMSax - simul+ Living Lab for the Circular Economy

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Innovative 3D printed applications made from recycled bio-based, natural and industrial residues and by-products? Are you wondering if it is possible? The simul+ real laboratory SAMSax will show you how!

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Range of products

  • R Research facilities, institutes
  • M Miscellaneous
  • S Organisation, project management, consulting
  • S Additive manufacturing services
  • S Pre-series & small-series production
  • O Networks
  • O Miscellaneous
  • E Universities (of applied sciences)
  • E Trainings, seminars

About us

The simul+ model project SAMSax creates innovative applications from reused bio-based, natural, and industrial residues and by-products from industry and agriculture using additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing).

SAMSax stands for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing in Saxony and aims to enable a sustainable and ecological transformation in the Saxon industry, promote networking and knowledge transfer through digital technologies, and establish a real laboratory for sustainable additive manufacturing as a physical experimentation field.

In our Living Lab, the residues are analyzed, processed, and tested for their existing properties. The materials are diverse, including industrial residues such as paper dust, wood dust, or recycled plastics, as well as industrial by-products such as sand, textile, and agricultural residues (e.g., harvest residues, coffee husks).

Initial envisioned applications include personalized products, various types of packaging, as well as restoration and architectural models. Additionally, we offer a digital platform for knowledge transfer where stakeholders can inform themselves, receive further education, network, and exchange ideas.

We are searching for ideas for new applications, available residues, multipliers for potential collaborations and partnerships, as well as knowledge carriers for sharing and exchanging expertise.