YIZUMI Germany GmbH

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YIZUMI focus with his brand YIZUMI Germany on quality and innovative solutions in the manufacture of technically sophisticated products. Increase your efficiency with our machine and process solutions!

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Range of products

  • R Miscellaneous
  • R Studies, trends
  • M Innovative materials
  • M High performance composites
  • M Functional materials
  • M Hybrid materials / composites / fibre composites
  • M Plastics
  • M 3D printer manufacturers
  • M Machines for additive manufacturing
  • S Additive manufacturing services
  • E Trainings, seminars
  • E Miscellaneous

About us

YIZUMI Germany GmbH is the German development and sales company of YIZUMI Precision Injection Molding and Die Casting AG. The YIZUMI Germany GmbH is located in the Alsdorf industrial park in the Aachen area and is the innovation center of the YIZUMI Group, which is focused on pre-developments.

The YIZUMI developers do not only deal with the optimization of the machine technology, but also with the process development. Thus, the focus is on offering the customer innovative and smart process solutions, which above all offer a cost advantage in the form of final component costs.

In addition, YIZUMI Germany offers you sales opportunities in the entire YIZUMI product portfolio.

The following main topics are currently being researched.

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Polyurethane flooding (ReactPro)
  • Foam injection moulding (FoamPro)
  • Direct Compounding Injection Molding (DCIM)
  • Long Fibre Direct Injection Molding (DirectPro)
  • Packaging injection moulding (PacPro)
  • Thixomolding