INDO-MIM Private Limited


Metalpulver Hersteller

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  • F Forschungseinrichtungen, Institute
  • W Metall
  • D Additive Fertigungsdienstleistung
  • D Mold-Tech
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Über uns

INDO-MIM is the world’s largest Metal Injection Molding Company and also a predominant supplier of Investment Castings, Precision Machining, Ceramic Injection Molding & 3D Printing. Headquartered in Bangalore India with manufacturing footprints in India, US & UK and Technical support offices throughout the globe, INDO-MIM caters to more than 650 customers spread across 45+ countries. INDO-MIM produces more than 200 million components annually and more than 95% of which is exported.


Being the world’s largest MIM company and consuming more than 3000 MT of powder and with more than 25 years of experience in powder metallurgical application, INDO-MIM has set up a world class “Vacuum Melting – Gas Atomization” unit in Bangalore, India.


INDO-MIM fine powders are suitable for

  • Thermal spray coating - HVOF, HVAF, D-Gun, Plasma, Powder Flame spray, Cold spray & Spray & Fuse coatings
  • Hard-facing – Plasma Transferred Arc(PTA) Welding, Laser cladding
  • Additive Manufacturing – LPBF & Binder Jetting


Key features of Metal powders produced by INDO-MIM are


  • Excellent Sphericity & lower satellites
  • High packaging density
  • Good flowability
  • Controlled PSD
  • Low gaseous content.


INDO-MIM is working closely with major Automotive OEM’s and Tier 1’s on the EU7 low emission regulations on brake disc coatings through EHLA process /Laser cladding and developed Stainless steel powders (SS316L, SS430L etc..). INDO-MIM product range include Cobalt, Nickel Super Alloy and Ferrous alloy powders.