Service-Highlight Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Development service provider with short iteration steps

Our niche: model and prototype manufacturing as well as small series in plastic and metal. In-house technologies to accompany development processes & product optimization. Supporting phases of design, prototyping, simulation, and followed by own 3D printing, vacuum- and investment casting techniques

PORTEC is specialized in supporting the product development and optimization. With assistance of various 3d-engineering and printing systems, the company rapidly builds models for design, concept or functional evaluation, especially for R&D-departments and pilot production units. Some of these mock-ups serve as initial parts for several follow-on processes. By using additive manufactured lost patterns, the company belongs to the few SMEs in Germany´s prototyping businesses, which have the technical capability and the organizational flexibility to cast metal prototypes in various metal alloys in a very short lead time and to guarantee the mechanical processing of the castings. With the described combination of technologies, the additive manufacturing of models and approved casting technologies for metal and plastic, PORTEC covers a wide range of quantities from an ´unique one´ over prototype series up to small batches.