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Advanced Metal 3D Printing – Unlocking Productivity Through Software Build Prep Automation

DYNDRITE’s powerful software is built on a GPU accelerated geometry engine, it allows LPBF Prod machines to make better parts faster. Dyndrite users get to develop and keep their own I.P.

We have a problem in metal AM (LPBF), recently summarized by Sam O’Leary (CEO, Nikon-SLM Solutions) when he said,
“I can print faster than the data can be prepared. In what world is this a reality that the speed of the hardware process can exceed the speed of the software process? This is of course a situation that needs to be solved.”
While LPBF printers are becoming ever more capable problems remain: Developing new materials is complex. Optimizing parameters for specific parts is time consuming. Process (re)qualification is slow and painful, and consequently creating production parts using LPBF is expensive. Current software does not help with its broken workflows, persistence on using STLs and mesh fixing, multiple file formats, inconsistent approaches to recording data and inability to handle large datasets.
But there is a better way! Dyndrite LPBF Pro. It uses Python to automate complex build setup tasks. Its power speeds up:
1. Additive CAM – Generation of complex (multi-optic) toolpaths
2. M&P Development – By automating Design Studies
3. Process (RE)Qualification – Using Python for repetitive tasks
4. Production – Ensuring build rules and avoiding human setup errors
This presentation will help you unlock your LPBF potential.

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Michael Head

Michael Head

Application Engineer