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Algorithmic-driven Design for AM within Manufacturing Operations

TRINCKLE 3D GMBH presents use cases for different areas. Jigs and fixtures are economic use cases by means of AM - more use cases become tangible with the right design software.

AUDI, Benteler, AGCO, ERIKS, Deutsche Bahn – they all strive heavily to scale their AM use cases. One sweet-spot to leverage the technology is supporting the industrial manufacturing operations with fixtures, jigs and tools.
While the additive manufacturing industry acknowledges the potential, the innovation lies in addressing a previously overlooked aspect: the design process. Unlike the manual and resource-intensive 3D modeling in traditional CAD software, where only a few CAD experts can participate, more automated design solutions can revolutionize the AM business case by simplifying fixture creation. This algorithmic workflow circumvents the complexities of standard CAD software, providing a remarkably intuitive and time-efficient way to generate fixtures in under 15 minutes.
The potential of this innovation is threefold:
Accessibility: It democratizes fixture design by enabling personnel beyond CAD experts to participate, making it a scalable and inclusive process within organizations.
Speed: The tool streamlines fixture creation, offering a rapid alternative to time-consuming manual design iterations.
Integration: The software integrates seamlessly into the production environment, allowing organizations to harness AM for their fixtures immediately.
The presentation will give first-hand insights on best-practices use cases in assembly, welding, measuring, CMM, CT and logistics.

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Dr. Damien Buchbinder

Dr. Damien Buchbinder

Product Manager