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Challenging the status quo: Simulation-Driven Design Optimization

In the presentation, ANSYS GERMANY GMBH will highlight the simulation-based design optimization of a Formula Student Bell Crank for additive manufacturing and the considerable advantages offered by additive manufacturing.

In the fast-paced world of Formula Student competitions, optimizing every component is essential to
gain a competitive edge. One such component, the bell crank, plays a crucial role in transmitting
motion from the suspension system to the wheels. Traditionally manufactured bell cranks have
limitations in terms of design complexity and weight reduction. However, with the emergence of
additive manufacturing, engineers now have an exciting opportunity to overcome these limitations
and achieve new levels of performance.
Simulation-driven design optimization is a powerful tool that allows engineers to explore and refine
their designs before they go into production. By using sophisticated simulation software, they can
employ optimization algorithms and methods to find the optimal solution for weight reduction, while
maintaining strength and performance requirements. This approach offers significant advantages over traditional manufacturing methods, as engineers can precisely control the layout and material
distribution of the bell crank.
This presentation shows how the Formula Student Team Running Snails use the technology with the
goal to beat the traditionally optimizing bell crank by at least 30% less weight maintaining the
structural requirements. Additionally, they have conducted investigations into the fatigue life of the
bell crank and utilized additive manufacturing simulation to uncover any potential issues related to
support structures and final design. These findings enable them to make necessary corrections in an
efficient and cost-effective manner, ultimately aiming to achieve a successful initial print. This
approach not only saves time and energy but also builds trust in the overall process.

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Sebastian Stahn

Sebastian Stahn

Lead Application Engineer & Structural Optimization