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The Future of AM - AI or Die Casting

The team at 1000 KELVIN GMBH is developing its first proprietary AI software: AMAIZE is a prediction and optimization platform that is used to overcome challenges in order to support customers and move on to series production.

Additive manufacturing as an industry is at a turning point. Challenges related to quality, repeatability, introduction of new material systems and cost are key challenges to address in order to move from prototyping to serial production.

I will introduce AMAIZE, the first AI software that 1000 Kelvin developed seamlessly integrated with machine OEM systems. AMAIZE is a predictive and optimization platform that helps engineers print qualifieable parts in a fraction of the time and without trial and error. I will demonstrate via case studies how AMAIZE is supporting our customer worldwide in their AM journey and subsequently comment on how AI is poised to accelerate the transition towards a maturing phase of AM.

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Dr. Katharina Eissing

Dr. Katharina Eissing

Co-Founder and CTO