3D Printing Conference Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Unbeatable 3D Print Realism - Optimierung der Produktvisualisierung mit KeyShot und GrabCAD Print Pro

3D Printing Conference powered by STRATASYS: We are looking forward to Hannes Kalz' (Stratasys) presentation at the anniversary edition of Rapid.Tech 3D 2024.

Hannes Kalz takes you into the innovative world of PolyJet technology, where KeyShot and GrabCAD Print Pro play a central role. Learn how the combination of these two powerful software tools redefines the limits of what is possible in the design and production process. Interesting customer examples will illustrate how this synergy accelerates the creation of realistic visualisations and transforms product development through efficient prototyping.

Speakers (1)

Hannes Kalz

Hannes Kalz

Senior Application Engineer