2oneLab GmbH


2oneLab GmbH is a reputable German dental 3D printer manufacturer with its own CAM software, offering a comprehensive all-in-one solution for your applications. The outstanding metal 3D printer, 2Create, is ideal for producing components for various dental products such as implants, crowns, bridges

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  • F Forschungseinrichtungen, Institute
  • F Studien, Trends
  • D 3D-Visualisierung
  • D 3D-Grafik- und Modellierungssoftware
  • D CAD/CAM Systeme
  • D Digitalisierungssysteme
  • W Metall
  • M Hersteller von 3D-Druckern
  • M Anlagen für 3D-Druck
  • M CAD/CAM Hardware
  • M Lasermaschinen für Modell- und Werkzeugbauer
  • M Maschinen für den Modell- und Formenbau

Über uns

2oneLab is a German-based company driven by a deep passion for Additive Manufacturing and the art of creation. As machine manufacturers, we specialize in crafting cutting-edge solutions tailored for dental applications.

Our commitment to innovation and precision sets us apart, ensuring we deliver top-notch products and services to meet the unique needs of the dental industry.

With a strong focus on quality and technology, 2oneLab is your trusted partner for advanced, custom solutions in the world of Additive Manufacturing.