Avante announces release of its new line of “engineering grade” thermoplastic composite filaments designed for desktop 3D printers


Avante Technology, LLC, a company specializing in applied research of advanced 3D printing technologies, announced the release of its new line of “engineering grade” thermoplastic composite filaments designed for desktop 3D printers.

The FilaOne™ Advanced Filament System for Desktop 3D Printers provides stronger, more versatile printing materials through an integrated filament & printing platform sheet system that have been formulated to work together for better part adhesion during printing.

FilaOne™ GREEN engineering grade filament for destop 3D printers is the first in a line of engineering grade materials designed to enable users to expand beyond “conceptual prototyping” to create “functional prototypes” that are strong enough for limited use testing, and even some simple “production grade” objects that are strong enough for the object’s intended use.

This new proprietary material is stronger and more resilient than ABS and PLA, safer and easier to print with than ABS or nylon, and is not affected by moisture or humidity.

“Users will be able to create stronger, more useful objects, similar to what can be done on far more expensive industrial grade FDM printers” said Robert Zollo, Founder and President of Avante Technology. “Engineers and Manufacturers can now adopt desktop printers to create useful working prototypes and even some simple production parts for fast time-to-market, without spending tens of thousands of dollars on an industrial grade printer.”

Unlike ABS and nylon, which give off noxious, harmful gasses when printing, FilaOne GREEN
is nearly odorless when printing. Because it prints at lower temperatures than ABS and nylon
(185º - 205º C), FilaOne GREEN can be used on more types of printers without concern for over-heating the printer.  

FilaOne GREEN is also friendly to the environment. Unlike nylon and ABS (which contains styrene), the materials in GREEN will safely degrade into eco-friendly residue in a land-fill over time.

Users will also experience fewer failed prints due to the firm adhesion provided by the FilaOne
print platform sheets. Better adhesion minimizes warping, which provides improved dimensional accuracy of the printed part

FilaOne GREEN is available in natural and “eco-friendly” green colors. Additional colors are planned for release later this year.

The filament will be available in both 3.0 mm and 1.75 mm versions.  It will be available in several size reels, including 1 lb reels and 1 Kg reels. Two FilaOne™ printing platform sheets will be included with each reel of filament.  The cost per cubic inch will be in line with the current pricing of standard ABS filaments

The filament is currently in field “beta” testing.  Commercial release is scheduled for 1 July 2014.  Pre-release sample versions are available for order immediately at a reduced price.
Contact Avante for pricing and shipping information.